VideoClipMiniSite Builder Support

ATTENTION: If you are looking for support on the VideoClipMinisites script, please read this!!

The script is now being sold through resellers, who are responsible for its support. I am sure you understand that it is impossible for me to support every script sold by every reseller. Plus, I am not getting compensated for the time to support a product being sold by others. Therefore, you need to go back to the person you bought the script from for support.

I have been updating the troubleshooting guide to help solve the most common issues.

If your solution cannot be found at the above troubleshooting guide, I will troubleshoot your installation for a $20 fee.

If you bought the product through me or one of my affiliates via Clickbank, support is free. However, I will need a receipt from you in the ticket to provide the support.

I am sorry to have to be so strict on this, but it appears that resellers of this product are not providing support help on their sales, and I have to protect my time.

Use this feedback form to write me a message