Daily Tech News Show - June 19, 2014

  • Length: 48:6
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  • Author: Tom Merritt


+Russ Pitts is on the show and we'll chat about Minecraft's problems with openness, plus a little on the electric Harley, T-Mobile free music and more. Support the show at http://patreon.com/ac...

Mujeres Tech: Liderazgo Femenino en el Mundo Tecnológico

  • Length: 63:55
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  • Author: Intuic


Avaya, América Economía e Intuic | The Social Media Agency en colaboración con Ellas² organizan un encuentro con algunas de las líderes femeninas más influyentes del sector tecnológico...

Tech in Media: Инновация и имитация: журналист как следователь


Смотрите 21 ноября в 18:00 прямую трансляцию десятой лекции в рамках проекта Tech in Media на тему: «Инновация и имит...

Samsung's Quest to Win the High-Tech Kitchen Wars

  • Length: 2:11
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  • Author: Bloomberg News


Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) -- The world's largest electronics manufacturer has already dominated televisions, smartphones and tablets. Appliances are next. Samsung h...

Former DARPA director on research into Beast Tech

  • Length: 4:32
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  • Author: Thomas Horn


Learn more at: http://www.beast-technology.com/ Audience applauds as Regina E. Dugan -- former Director of DARPA and current executive at Google -- describes...

Tech Analyst Peter Kastner on 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors

  • Length: 3:49
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  • Author: Intel


Long-time industry analyst Peter Kastner shares his analysis of the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family including what people should expect from new l...

Les métiers du bioingénieur de Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Bach Kim Nguyen


Diplômé de Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech en 2003, Bach Kim Nguyen a continué à se former en réalisant un doctorat sur les abeilles et en suivant une formation en ma...

Innovation and Tech Transfer in Start-ups

  • Length: 60:59
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  • Author: citrisuc


Innovation and Tech Transfer in Start-ups John LeMoncheck [President and Chief Executive Officer, SiBEAM] ABSTRACT: Many start-ups are founded on the premise...

Michigan Tech's C.H.E.L.M.


The Configurable Hybrid Electric Learning Module is a new tool designed by Michigan Tech students to help teach and test Hybrid Technologies. Hear more about...

ALA LITA Awards and Top Tech Trends 2013 Chicago

  • Length: 86:21
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  • View Count: 726
  • Author: Hubert Womack


http://www.ala.org/lita/ttt Panelists: Char Booth, Aimee Fifarek, Sarah Houghton, Brewster Kahle, Clifford Lynch, Gary Price Moderator: Lorcan Dempsey This p...

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