7.24.14 Teen Tech User Expert danah boyd

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Speaker: danah boyd Prominent social scientist danah boyd studies how society interacts with technology, particularly teens who are native to the online worl...

How Tech Companies Fish for Candidates

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Ever wonder why the other guy got the job, but you didn't even land an interview? Consider finding yourself a referral wingman. Nearly a third of successful ...

Promoting Student Success at Texas Tech University


The departments within the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs work together to promote student success. They combine mental, physical, soc...

Daily Tech News Show - June 19, 2014

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+Russ Pitts is on the show and we'll chat about Minecraft's problems with openness, plus a little on the electric Harley, T-Mobile free music and more. Support the show at http://patreon.com/ac...

Tanning Tech 2010 - Menphis S.p.A. - Bologna Fair - technologies for the manufacture

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Http://www.menphis.com - Tanning Tech 2010 edition, opens its doors Oct. 12 to 14 at the exhibition center in Bologna, the most prestigious international eve...

Intelligente Brille für Sehbehinderte - hi-tech


Eine junge, sehbehinderte Frau testet eine sprechende Brille, die sie rechtzeitig vor Hindernissen warnt. Das System wurde in Mexiko entwickelt, am Institut für Forschung und weiterführende...

Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson Talks QB Situation | #ACCkickoff


ACC Digital network host Jeff Fischel sits down with Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson about the team's returning offensive line and their QB situation! SUBSCRIBE:...

Tech in Media: Инновация и имитация: журналист как следователь


Смотрите 21 ноября в 18:00 прямую трансляцию десятой лекции в рамках проекта Tech in Media на тему: «Инновация и имит...

Leadership and Innovation at New Tech West High School in Cleveland


The vision and leadership at New Tech West High School in Cleveland, Ohio, applies innovative instructional strategies to meet the individual needs of studen...

Texas Tech wins Holiday Bowl over Arizona State 37-23

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Texas Tech wins Holiday Bowl over Arizona State 37-23.

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