Teachers Get Tech Tips from Students

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Upper elementary and middle school students in Olympia, Washington, help veteran and prospective educators include technology in their lessons to enhance lea...

The Tech Awards 2014 laureate: Worldreader


Using e-readers and mobile phones, Worldreader empowers more than 250000 and adults around the world with e-books. It was recognized in San Jose, Calif., on...

7.24.14 Teen Tech User Expert danah boyd

  • Length: 79:46
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  • Author: ChurchillClub


Speaker: danah boyd Prominent social scientist danah boyd studies how society interacts with technology, particularly teens who are native to the online worl...

i-Tech: Best of 2011 - Part 1of 5


i-Tech on Alhurra TV Best of 2011 -- Part 1: Sony PSP Vita -- Blackberry Play Book -- LACIE Storage Devices -- iGrill Application -- FIFA Game 2012 on i-Pad ...

Promoting Student Success at Texas Tech University


The departments within the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs work together to promote student success. They combine mental, physical, soc...

Mujeres Tech: Liderazgo Femenino en el Mundo Tecnológico

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  • Author: Intuic


Avaya, América Economía e Intuic | The Social Media Agency en colaboración con Ellas² organizan un encuentro con algunas de las líderes femeninas más influye...

Tech Know: Sony Xperia Z3 & LG G3 Stylus reviewed | 25th November 2014 | Full Episode

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In this edition of Tech Know, Vishnu first reviews the Sony Xperia Z3. This waterproof phone comes with 5.2-inch screen and features good sound, camera and video quality. It has 4k recording,...

Tech in Asia Meetup Jakarta: Tech Trends in Indonesia in 2013

  • Length: 76:11
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  • Author: Tech in Asia


Tech in Asia Meetup Jakarta, 21st Feb 2013 Event Recap: Ryu Kawano Suliawan (PT.Midtrans, CEO) and Andi Boeidman (Ideosource) share their thoughts on the tec...

Tech Special: RallyRACC-Rally de Espana 2014

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A challenge for drivers, teams & tyre suppliers, mixed surfaces at Rally de Espana: gravel & tarmac; more info - http://bit.ly/1pgOtGU.

IIT Madras M.Tech CSE 2011-13 batch

  • Length: 4:40
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  • Author: Prabhakar Kumar


Awesome video dedicated to us by our juniors. Thanks guys!

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