Georgia Tech vs North Carolina | 2014 ACC Football Highlights


In a crazy ACC matchup full of offense, UNC QB Marquise Williams explodes for over 400 total yards and five total touchdowns as the Tar Heels squeak out a 48-43 win. The two teams combined...

A Tiltable Head Could Improve Robot Navigation of Disaster Debris

  • Length: 3:14
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  • Author: Georgia Tech


Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology recently built a robot that can penetrate and "swim" through granular material. In a new study, they show ...

FB: Texas Tech vs. Kansas - 2nd Half Highlights

  • Length: 2:49
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  • Author: techathletics


Second half highlights of Texas Tech and Kansas.

Malls and Retailers Evolve to Keep Up With Tech


Taubman Centers has opened a new mall in Florida, and COO William S. Taubman discusses the evolving role of shopping centers and how they are meeting consume...

Episode 83 - What are Pokemon Tech cards!?

  • Length: 24:49
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  • View Count: 755
  • Author: TCGZapdos


Sup YouTube! Enjoy the video? Subscribe here: Okay now that we made a competitive deck in the previous episode, we want to know what tech cards are. I'll explain everything...

7.24.14 Teen Tech User Expert danah boyd

  • Length: 79:46
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  • View Count: 178
  • Author: ChurchillClub


Speaker: danah boyd Prominent social scientist danah boyd studies how society interacts with technology, particularly teens who are native to the online worl...

How Tech Companies Fish for Candidates

  • Length: 2:56
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  • Author: Dice


Ever wonder why the other guy got the job, but you didn't even land an interview? Consider finding yourself a referral wingman. Nearly a third of successful ...

Mujeres Tech: Liderazgo Femenino en el Mundo Tecnológico

  • Length: 63:55
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  • View Count: 517
  • Author: Intuic


Avaya, América Economía e Intuic | The Social Media Agency en colaboración con Ellas² organizan un encuentro con algunas de las líderes femeninas más influye...

Wofford vs Georgia Tech | 2014 ACC Football Highlights


Georgia Tech pulled away in the second half to beat Wofford in the Yellow Jackets' 2014 opener, 38-19, at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Zach Laskey scored Georgia Tech...

AT&T Archives: The Phone Boom of the 1950s

  • Length: 28:10
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  • Author: AT&T Tech Channel


For more from the AT&T Tech Channel, visit During World War II, not only were a vast majority of the Bell System's facili...

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