Style - Taylor Swift - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

  • Length: 3:36
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  • Author: Andrew Foy


Twitter: @andywfoy Instagram: andrew_foy_ My arrangement of Style. Had to switch to a heavier gauge string for this song because the light gauge strings I usually use couldn't handle the...

Dr. John Taylor -- The Kingdom Fungi: Diversity, Society and Models for Evolution

  • Length: 55:6
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  • Author: Science@Cal


John Taylor has been a faculty member at Berkeley since 1980. He and his students, postdocs and visiting scientists are best known for research on molecular ...

The Rolling Stones w/ Mick Taylor - Midnight Rambler (Live at Roskilde Festival, July 3rd, 2014)

  • Length: 16:11
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  • Author: mathiasnielsen66


The Rolling Stones featuring Mick Taylor perform an extended jam version of "Midnight Rambler" from their 1969 album "Let It Bleed". Recorded live on Orange ...

Wonderland by Taylor Swift [NIGHTCORE]


UPDATE: Thanks so much for over a 1000 views! :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Third video today but I don't care. This is the 14th track off of Taylor's new album, 1989. I truly love this song, and...

Glycogen Metabolism - Susan Taylor (UCSD/HHMI)

  • Length: 5:3
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  • Author: iBioEducation


In between meals, when blood glucose levels are low, the pancreatic hormone glucagon activates a membrane receptor that turns on the production of cAMP. cAMP...

Why Passion is Important for Success by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership


Randy is driven to champion success in others through inspiration, belief, structure and process. As a leading expert in human potential having studied the s...

Graham Taylor (ex England manager ) half time team talk

  • Length: 4:16
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  • Author: concertphotography


Graham Taylor (ex England manager ) half time team talk to the "Greek Philosophers " during the philosophers match ,Finchley London remains copyright Concert...

Disi's Double Ds - Jozi Shore's Anton Taylor and Dean Shamley

  • Length: 12:0
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  • Author: BallzRadio


6 May 2013 |

Susan L. Taylor: 03 Black Women, What Are We So Mad At?

  • Length: 2:41
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  • Author: UVIvideos


Susan L. Taylor, editor-in-chief emeritus of Essence magazine and author and founder of the National Cares Mentoring Movement, speaks at the University of th...

Taylor Swift Inspired Holiday Makeup Tutorial!

  • Length: 4:31
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  • Author: Cora LovesGlam


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