Greek Studies: Vase Paintings, Telling Stories with Pictures

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Christine Kondoleon, PhD., MFA/Boston, discusses what we can learn from narrative scenes (here, images of the battle of Troy) painted on a krater from 5th ce...

Sodere Headline News Dec 19, 2014 - Top 20 pictures of Ethiopian Miss World contestants in Bikini

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ይልቅ ወሬ ልንገርህ ስለ ሜሮን ጌትነት ግጥምና ውዝግቡ Meron Getnet's poem and controversy with government officials

Jeff Wall: Tableaux Pictures Photographs 1996-2013

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How much does Jeff Wall leave to chance? And what is the subtle difference between fiction and the imaginary? Wall (1948) is eager to challenge preconceived ...

D.Gray-Man Sad Pictures

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So das ist mein erstes Video.Hoffe es gefällt euch und viel Spaß beim gucken Artist:Ashes Remain Song:Without you Link zum Song:

The Tana River killings in pictures

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Tags: 33 villagers have been confirmed dead in Kilelengwani village, the hotspot of Monday's renewed clashes in Tana River County between P...

The French Riviera: A History Of Pictures Part 2

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Learn Dutch Vocabulary with Pictures - Weather Forecast Says...

Tags: Learn Dutch with! Here at, we've discovered the easiest way for you to learn Dutch vocabular...


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TouchVision presents the best pictures of the day including a May Day protest in Turkey and a Pagan Festival in Germany.

Using Statistics to Search and Annotate Pictures

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Google Tech Talks September 25, 2006 Nuno Vasconcelos is an Assistant Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Ca...

Getting ready for Homecoming 2013 + Pictures!

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OPEN IF YOU LIKE COOKIES *********** guys so this is my 1st video on me and Alexis's channel so i hope you enjoy:) Products: maybelline cocealer M...

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