Google+ Photos Tutorial

  • Length: 11:51
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  • Author: Gray Kinney


Photos section tutorial of Google+.

Tar'Lese Rideaux- How to pin your Instagram photos to your Pinterest account

  • Length: 4:23
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  • Author: Tarlese Rideaux


If you would like to learn even MORE amazing tips like this and how you can grow your business using Instagram, check my Insta-Influence Instagram training c...

New official photos of CP Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle

  • Length: 1:3
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  • View Count: 39882
  • Author: cpdenmark


Mac iPhoto Tutorial 4 - Organize Your Photos Using Faces

  • Length: 2:47
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  • View Count: 5020
  • Author: Mac Guider


Please help support us by becoming a free member of the audio book site at You can enjoy thousands of audio books for ...

New beautiful photos of CP Victoria and Princess Estelle of Sweden

  • Length: 0:53
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  • View Count: 12739
  • Author: cpdenmark


American Slavery to Freedom after 246 years. Photos of Ex Slaves 1900-1940, Music: Arvo Pärt.

  • Length: 9:38
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  • View Count: 8638
  • Author: P. Hinds


1619-The first African Slaves arrive in the American colony of Jamestown Virginia on a Dutch ship. The first of some 500000 to 600000 Slaves shipped to the...

PCB Protest Movement Photos by Mac Owen Shaffer

  • Length: 6:49
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  • Author: ncpcbarchives


This color pictorial history by Mac Owen Shaffer is of the events leading up to and including the Warren County, North Carolina PCB protests that lasted for ...


  • Length: 1:5
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  • Author: Farid ziani


Certaines photos resteront gravées dans notre mémoire à jamais, soit car elles ont été prises dans des moments historiques soit car elles reflètent une réali...

Course Image 6.0: Course photos folder


Course managers can add photos taken during the course in the folder 'course photos'. The Course Image is the template used by CEPOL to support all courses a...

Picasa Face Movie Trial: Lily's photos


Downloaded the Picasa 3.8 update tonight. First try at a 'Face Move' slideshow makes it seem like a promising tool. Selected some images of Lily, pressed the...

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