Xinran - Memories of the Cultural Revolution

  • Length: 11:37
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 5 people
  • View Count: 1012
  • Author: AllanGregg


British-Chinese journalist Xinran is the author of "China Witness: Voices From A Silent Generation". Her research is based on years of interviews with Chines...

Gone: Erie Lackawanna Memories

  • Length: 3:21
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 46 people
  • View Count: 10148
  • Author: erie825


Just a short slide show using some of my EL photos set to Moby's "One of these Mornings". All photos are copyrighted by me, the music is copyrighted by Moby....

Estudio Guto Requena - WE SHAPE MEMORIES

  • Length: 4:0
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 10 people
  • View Count: 476
  • Author: guto requena


We shape memories trough the experimental use of digital technologies. Good design should tell a good story. Our final aesthetic results from the process. We love hybrids, interactivity and...

Stamford CT - Westside Memories Faces & Places !

  • Length: 4:58
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 19 people
  • View Count: 6318
  • Author: Johnnyboy792


Small clips of the places of the old West Side and some of the people who lived there. A well remembered time !

Project Memories V3 Hosted By Exernal!


OPEN PLEASE · · · · · · ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║...

Mayo - Memories (Feat. Sydney) (Prod. by Mr. Carmack)

  • Length: 4:21
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 4 people
  • View Count: 343
  • Author: TreeMusic


What's so good? By Elizabeth Walker | Jan 31, 2014 "To the girl who made me believe she was everything she wasn't." Heavy thoughts for a heavy track by Chica...

Raul Malo: Memories Are Made Of These

  • Length: 2:36
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 131 people
  • View Count: 59207
  • Author: friendofraul


Raul and the Mavs do their best Dean Martin impression at Philadelphia country radio station WXTU in 1996.

How Your Immediate and Working Memories Work


If you have been following this video series, you should now have an effective study system/structure in place. We now need to adapt this structure to the wa...

Class of '64 Memories - Al McGinn "First Impressions"

  • Length: 2:11
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 2 people
  • View Count: 377
  • Author: UniversityOfRI


The Class of '64 celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. To commemorate this momentous milestone, we invited a few alumni to come back to campus and share...

Memories of Martha's Vineyard

  • Length: 56:56
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 12 people
  • View Count: 2456
  • Author: B4inSF


wonderful footage and commentary -- many Islanders chime in. Including Art Buchwald, Mike Wallace, William Styron, Carly Simon.... makes me want to go there!...

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