Systemic Family Psychotherapy: Barry Mason & John Burnham interview by JFT Editor Mark Rivett

  • Length: 9:9
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  • Author: Yang Teh


This is part of the series of podcast brought to you by the Journal of Family Therapy. Barry Mason from Institute of Family Therapy and John Burnham from Parkview Clinic, Birmingham, two renowned...

Highlights from John Carroll Weekend 2014 Miami, Georgetown University

  • Length: 1:43
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  • Author: GeorgetownToday


From February 20 - 23, 2014, Miami welcomed all alumni, family and friends of the Georgetown community to reunite at John Carroll Weekend, an annual celebration that has been a hallmark of...

"I Need a Stiff Drink After That": John Negroponte on Being Questioned by Amy Goodman over Iraq War

  • Length: 2:27
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  • Author: democracynow

Tags: - During a conference Tuesday at Hofstra University that assessed the George W. Bush presidency, Amy Goodman asked panelists if senior administration officials should...

1992 Henry Darcy Lecture Series - John Wilson (part 1)

  • Length: 29:22
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  • Author: NGWATUBE


"Visualization of Ground Water Flow and Transport Through a Microscope" was the topic of Darcy Lecture given by John Wilson, Ph.D. Wilson is the professor of Hydrology and director of the Hydrology.

Dr. John Taylor -- The Kingdom Fungi: Diversity, Society and Models for Evolution

  • Length: 55:6
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  • Author: Science@Cal


John Taylor has been a faculty member at Berkeley since 1980. He and his students, postdocs and visiting scientists are best known for research on molecular evolution of fungi. One of their...

The Tommy John Effect: David Altchek and Steven Matz

  • Length: 3:36
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  • Author: SNY


New York Mets medical director Dr. David Altchek and pitching prospect Steven Matz discuss Matz's Tommy John surgery and the road to recovery.

The Seagull - 1975 - Anton Chekhov - John J. Desmond - Blythe Danner - Frank Langella

  • Length: 118:1
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  • Author: Frank Coniglio


A group of friends and relations gather at a country estate to see the first performance of an experimental play written and staged by the young man of the house, Konstantin (Frank Langella),...

March Madness: T-Mobile CEO John Legere Picks Wisconsin

  • Length: 4:10
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  • Author: Bloomberg Business


March 19 -- Bloomberg's Stephanie Ruhle reports on industry titans March Madness brackets and picks for charity.



"Day in the Life" Talks - Science Gallery COOL JOBS event in November 2012 A series of five-minute talks from a variety of people from Science Gallery's partner organisations. COOL JOBS aims...

Exhibition talk: Nam June Paik "Father of Video Art" with curator John Hanhardt(HD version)


Curator John Hanhardt takes us into the creative and innovative mind of Nam June Paik. Tracing Paik's career from early experimentation to pioneering media art, Hanhardt shares how this truly...

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