John Van der Wiel vs Garry Kasparov - Moscow Interzonal 1982 : Trompowsky Attack

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Director John Michael McDonagh Talks 'Calvary'

  • Length: 8:25
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  • Author: iamrogue


IAR managing editor Jami Philbrick speaks exclusively with writer/director John Michael McDonagh about his new film 'Calvary,' which stars Brendan Gleeson an...

John Lattanzio, Astrophysicist


Journey 'Inside the stars' with John Lattanzio on a quest for answers to discover the true impact stars have on the universe.

John Alan Hulbert - Nostalgic Acting Reel

  • Length: 5:23
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  • Author: John Alan Hulbert


Howdy Hey Howdy Ho! Over the years I've taken on many characters that I'm happy to have left my name on. Everything about this gig makes me feel electric. If it weren't for Theatre, I wouldn't...

Thank you John Paul II

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"Day in the Life" Talks - Science Gallery COOL JOBS event in November 2012 A series of five-minute talks from a variety of people from Science Gallery's part...

FAA Ban Extended - John Kerry Reignites Peace Talks | NBC News

  • Length: 3:37
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Secretary Of State John Kerry flies to Israel to reignite peace talks with Palestine. The conflict continues to escalate in spite of this. » Subscribe to NBC...

John Flanagan & The Begin Agains - Meet Me In Between live acoustic


Bluegrass band John Flanagan & The Begin Agains perform "Meet Me In Between" live in the ABC Music Library in Melbourne.

Prof. Dr. Robert John Aumann on The Role of Incentives in the World Financial Crisis

  • Length: 38:17
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  • Author: StGallenSymposium


Born in 1930. Fleeing Nazi persecution, Robert Aumann emigrated to the United States with his family in 1938, settling in New York. He obtained a Bachelor of...

John Chowning "Origins of FM Synthesis" (Web 85)


AES Oral History - Composer, John Chowning, gives a brief overview of his role in the discovery of FM Synthesis - for more go to:

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