• Length: 2:20
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  • Author: BlueSeaWendy


Horrifying day at the beach when me and my Pugs became near victims of an aggressive Alien Sea Foam Blob Attack! We barely escaped from a gruesome suffocatin...

The Illegal Invasion of America

  • Length: 16:1
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  • View Count: 201
  • Author: European Awakening


Video by Kyle Hunt from

Finnish Minister On The Russian Invasion (1939)

  • Length: 1:3
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  • Author: British Pathé


Full titles read: "FINNISH MINISTER ON THE RUSSIAN INVASION" M/S The Finnish Minister in America speaking. He talks of how the aggression against Finland by ...

Rust Invasion


Learn how the United States narrowly avoided an agricultural catastrophe from a devastating plant disease.

Volkswagen Invasion Car Show 2014

  • Length: 6:47
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  • View Count: 1338
  • Author: Jeremy Cutts


We posted this video yesterday with some music that isn't viewable on mobile platforms and in certain countries. We apologize to some of our viewers and have...

WW2: Pre-Invasion Army Navy Aphibious Maneuvers, Slapton Sands, England (14 Jan-29 Feb 1944)


Footage shows "Duck I-III" Code names for three major exercises covering all phases and aspects of an amphibious operation, held in Slapton Sands area, Engla...

Invasion Scenes (1944)

  • Length: 5:21
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  • Author: British Pathé


Tilburg, Holland (Netherlands). Various shots of large crowds on streets cheering and waving flags, many children seen. British bren carriers and jeeps drivi...

Manchester City winning Premier League, pitch invasion, title lifting, celebrations.

  • Length: 2:53
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  • View Count: 7549
  • Author: Nathan Trengove


Manchester City Winning the Premier League title 2013-2014, Pitch invasion, Trophy lifting and celebration.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 OST - Invasion - Regroup

  • Length: 1:26
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 9 people
  • View Count: 392
  • Author: Yugz13VGM


Abenteuer Forschung - Invasion - Wenn die Natur mobil macht

  • Length: 28:1
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  • View Count: 11049
  • Author: Daniel Michel


Abenteuer Forschung - Invasion - Wenn die Natur mobil macht.

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