Black Holes in the Laboratory - Silke Weinfurtner (SISSA)

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  • Author: Vagelford


Workshop on Gravitational Physics Friday 11th January 2013 Theoretical Astrophysics (TAT) Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen ...

# 7.5 Stuff & Things - Metal detecting abandoned farms & cellar holes

  • Length: 9:0
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  • Author: Stealthdiggers


We went metal detecting in a area that has several abandoned farm sites here in New Hampshire . They were occupied from the late 1700's through the Mid to late 1800's. I concentrated on where...

Scienceface Edward Seidel (3): Black holes in everyday life

  • Length: 9:17
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  • Author: scienceface


In this part of Annalie's Interview with Ed Seidel in Edinburgh we will hear about the links between scientific simulations, videogames, computer power and - yes - diapers!

Passenger Holes Cover - Saskia

  • Length: 3:42
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  • Author: Saskia Leigh


Guitarist: Cary Leigh Vocalist: Saskia Leigh Twitter: saskialeigh1 Instagram: saskia_leigh.

birdmonster - all the holes in the walls

  • Length: 4:10
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  • Author: recycledlovesongs


(music only, no official video out yet) all the holes in the walls artist: birdmonster album: birdmonster-ep year: 2004 i like this song,

Autodesk Inventor/CAM/CNC Workflow - Part 6 - Continue using Excel and Addiing Holes for Fasteners


This is the sixth video in a 10 part series on the CAD/CAM and CNC process using Autodesk Inventor as the design tool, CamBam as the CAM tool for machining operations, and the greenBull CNC...

Globeville, Colorado Disc Golf Course - Holes 1-6

  • Length: 1:5
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  • Author: kguild1


Globeville, Colorado Disc Golf Course - Holes 1-6. I would've kept recording but it started to get dark and I was getting low on beer. (-2 after 6 holes)

Ask-a-Geologist #11 Why do pumice and scoria have holes when granite does not?

  • Length: 3:4
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  • Author: Mini Me Geology


Peter asked why pumice and scoria have holes and granite does not since they are all igneous rocks. In this video we explore why igneous rocks form differently and get to the root of Peter's question.

Engineering Newswire 25: Drilling Holes in Mars


This week on engineering newswire, we're drilling holes in Mars, talking into our shoes, and driving robots with moths. This episode is brought to you by Smalley Steel Ring Company, the exclusive...

Soldering 101 - Cleaning Through Holes

  • Length: 3:5
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  • Author: Mochaboy RC


There's no black magic to this...use a fat tip, and adjustable iron, braid and LOTS of flux. I use no clean flux paste. I dip the braid in the paste, then use that to transfer heat to the...

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