Howard Rheingold on Net Smart - Keynote for & Utrecht University

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Integral video coverage of the keynote that Howard Rheingold presented on April 2nd 2013 at Utrecht University. The keynote was part of a special event focus...

International Women's Day Lecture: Women in Sport - Going for Gold


Olympic gold medallist Katherine Grainger presents the 2014 International Women's Day Lecture. Ms Grainger, who took up rowing as a student at Edinburgh, won...

Transforming Global Health: A New Vision for the Future | The Forum at HSPH

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  • Author: Harvard University


The 21st century opened a new era when global health emerged as a focus for governments, foundations and organizations seeking to raise up vulnerable populat...

My New Life: Primary Education for All in India

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  • Author: World Bank

Tags: - In rural Rajasthan in Northern India, girls traditionally stayed at home and were sometimes married off when they are young....

Credit - Consumer to Consumer: Good Ideas for Tough Times

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  • Author: RutgersNJAES


This video features people discussing ways that they handle credit and wise credit management strategies.

Abs Express for Core Strength

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  • Author: My Fight Gym


TRAIN.EVOLVE.WIN: 30-minute Home workout: Join our live stream workout! Coach Shane puts y...

NBA 2K14 MyCareer Andrew Wiggins - Suspension for Andrew Wiggins!

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  • Author: King Gryph


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Commissioner in action for human rights


The clip shows how the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights works. Through interviews with the three Commissioners who have so far held the positi...

Science and Technology for improved food security

  • Length: 24:1
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  • Author: Peter Mwaniki


Join us at the African Food Techno-Business Conference and Exhibition for insights on the emerging science, technologies and solutions that will drive food s...

Solution for Sore Eyes

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  • Author: UNSWTV


Dry eyes affect 3.15 million Australians. This UNSW innovation is a new eye drop that treats the underlying cause of blepharitis, an extremely painful dry ey...

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