Crossing the Claiborne-Pell and Verrazzano bridges ( Newport / Jamestown, RI ).

  • Length: 9:48
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 1 people
  • View Count: 832
  • Author: GPnRI


Crossing the Claiborne Pell bridge ( Newport, RI ) and the Jamestown Verrazzano bridge in Rhode Island. I have to cross both of these bridges to get off / on...

Cello Technique - Crossing Strings

  • Length: 5:15
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 66 people
  • View Count: 9972
  • Author: BarnesandMullinsUK


Steven Doane from New York's University of Rochester Eastman School of Music runs through essential Cello Techniques for all players. Filmed in conjunction w...

Laos-2-Mekong river ferryboats and trucks crossing

  • Length: 4:53
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 1 people
  • View Count: 1280
  • Author: PetrusPuck


The ferry across the Mekong river. Some heavy trucks are shipped across constantly. Wachtend op mijn eigen boot heb ik wat vrachtwagen gefotografeerd die de ...

Jessica Celebrates Her First Equator Crossing with The 7PM Project


Charlie Pickering talks with Jessica via Skype, just after she has made her first equator crossing.

Atlantic crossing in 2min

  • Length: 2:12
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 24 people
  • View Count: 3030
  • Author: Julien Bahain


Revivez en 2 minutes la traversée de l'Atlantique à la rame et sans assistance de J.Bahain et P.Favre.

Bruges Christmas Market | Family Channel Ferry Crossing | DFDS Seaways

  • Length: 1:31
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 1 people
  • View Count: 200
  • Author: DFDSSeawaysUK


Experience the festivities and culture that is on offer when you visit the Bruges Christmas market. You can relax & unwind onboard our Channel ferry crossing...

Cleantech Open - Crossing the Chasm

  • Length: 4:55
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 6 people
  • View Count: 1465
  • Author: CTOtv1


Stanford University business professor Tom Kosnik explains key elements of marketing in the clean tech industry in this presentation excerpt from The Clean T...

Animal Crossing - K.K. Ballad Guitar Cover

  • Length: 2:24
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 40 people
  • View Count: 923
  • Author: Ifn0t


Paying my respects to a game that I have spent countless hours playing as a kid. Hope you enjoy it! Download this and a couple other Animal Crossing tunes he...

Ex-Conrail SD-60I on CSX Q400 Crossing Lander Road

  • Length: 3:45
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 31 people
  • View Count: 716
  • Author: BaltimoreAndOhioRR


SUB-x-SUB↑ ↑ ADVERTISE YOURSELF on my channel & my videos!-- I automatically allow ALL video responses on ALL...

Crackers Crossing Torres Strait 2 to PNG

  • Length: 15:0
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 13 people
  • View Count: 1685
  • Author: CrackersAdventures


Crackers gathers up donated goods from Darwin & makes his way again to the Remote Tribe of Sibidiri in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. After 16 day...

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