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Crossing the Claiborne-Pell and Verrazzano bridges ( Newport / Jamestown, RI ).

  • Length: 9:48
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  • Author: GPnRI


Crossing the Claiborne Pell bridge ( Newport, RI ) and the Jamestown Verrazzano bridge in Rhode Island. I have to cross both of these bridges to get off / on the island I live on.

Jessica Celebrates Her First Equator Crossing with The 7PM Project


Charlie Pickering talks with Jessica via Skype, just after she has made her first equator crossing.

Atlantic crossing in 2min

  • Length: 2:12
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  • Author: Julien Bahain


Revivez en 2 minutes la traversée de l'Atlantique à la rame et sans assistance de J.Bahain et P.Favre.

Single crossing eyes part 2

  • Length: 0:52
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  • Author: Ricalloo


This is an update in HD! I can move my eyes semi individually, but their rested state is normal. I have amblyopia in my left eye. So, it cannot focus well. My right eye is a perfect 20/20....

Official Panga Crossing video between the Corn Islands!

  • Length: 4:31
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  • Author: Brendan Lewis


Each day the panga crosses from Little Corn Island to Corn Island at 6.30 AM it returns at 10 AM... There is another crossing as well from Little Island at 1.30PM returning at 4.30PM... Times...

Cleantech Open - Crossing the Chasm

  • Length: 4:55
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  • Author: CTOtv1


Stanford University business professor Tom Kosnik explains key elements of marketing in the clean tech industry in this presentation excerpt from The Clean Tech Open's Business Accelerator...

On Board Stena Line's MS Stena Europe Fishguard to Rosslare crossing and back

  • Length: 5:54
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  • Author: Xxps3progamersxX


On Board Stena Line's MS Stena Europe Fishguard to Rosslare crossing and back. We have travelled on MS Stena Europe many times and stena have never disappointed us! what with free wifi to...

U.S. Immigration Lawyers in Toronto - Border crossing 101 with Rosanna Berardi

  • Length: 2:59
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  • Author: Rosanna Berardi

Tags: - US Immigration Attorney, Rosanna Berardi, discusses issues relating Canadians or others around the world looking to enter the United States. Topics include...

Tanger to Tarifa crossing Ferry FRS jet (Strait of Gibraltar)

  • Length: 4:12
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  • Author: Ricardo Palma


Tanger (Morocco) to Tarifa (Spain) FRS Jet ferryboat crossing.

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