Rural community celebrate their Pacific roots

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  • Author: Tagata Pasifika


For the first time this year the Pacific community in Hawkes Bay came together to celebrate their culture in what they call Baysefika.

Taiwan Coffee Chain Prints Couples Photos on Latte Froth to Celebrate of Chinese Valentines Day

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  • Author: NTDTV


A coffee chain in Taiwan, Let's Cafe, celebrated 'Valentine's Day' in the Chinese calendar on Tuesday (August 13) by providing couples with latte art that im...

Why do we Celebrate Birthdays.wmv

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  • Author: Wei Wu


Birthday - birthing myself everyday. When i said giving 'presentations' in this video, i meant to say 'presents'/'gifts'. Desteni Website http://www.desteni....

Centenary. Trade Unions Celebrate Historic Occasion. Australian Diary 88.

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  • Author: NFSA Films


Made by The National Film Board 1955. Directed by Jack S Allan. A Labour Day march in 1955 to celebrate 100 years of trade unionism in Australia.

7142 - Why do we celebrate Communion / Bible Answers - Walter Veith


For more please visit: Answers/

Celebrate Your Struggles: Deidre Combs at TEDxBozeman

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  • Author: TEDx Talks


Deidre Combs provides an ancient cross-cultural technique — what it is, why it works and how to apply it -- to skillfully confront the modern challenges that...

Celebrate Chanukah: Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, December 9, 2012

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  • Author: jewishvoicetoday


It's a Chanukah celebration at Jewish Voice! Jonathan Bernis explains the history behind this Festival of Lights and how Yeshua (Jesus) fulfills this vibrant...

Students at the American University of Paris Celebrate Thanksgiving

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  • Author: Carolyn Englar


French TV station France 3 visits the American University of Paris to investigate how Americans living in Paris celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

Celebrate Global Brigades Month- Ghana

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  • Author: allengula


Global Brigades Ghana celebrated the work of thousands of university students, community members and partnerships around the world by dancing together and sh...

Watch as "Newsies" Actors Seize the Day and Celebrate Their High School Graduation

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  • Author: Broadwaycom


Get tickets to "Newsies": "Newsies"' young stars Andy Richardson, Hogan Fulton, and twins Jacob & David Guzman celebra...

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