Rural community celebrate their Pacific roots

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  • Author: Tagata Pasifika


For the first time this year the Pacific community in Hawkes Bay came together to celebrate their culture in what they call Baysefika.

Crowds celebrate Mexico's triumph over Croatia in World Cup match

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  • Author: Demotix News


Crowds celebrated Mexico's triumph over Croatia in their World Cup match. Mexico's win means they are through to the next round of the FIFA world Cup 2014 be...

Rare Earth - I just want to celebrate stark state style

  • Length: 3:46
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  • Author: Ryan Marzilli


this is the second short film that pat mcnamara chip flounders, matt ashbrook and ryan marzilli made for our video editing and recording class at stark state...

Penury's celebrate

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  • Author: Józsa János


They have a celebration on this day.

Taiwan Coffee Chain Prints Couples Photos on Latte Froth to Celebrate of Chinese Valentines Day

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  • Author: NTDTV


A coffee chain in Taiwan, Let's Cafe, celebrated 'Valentine's Day' in the Chinese calendar on Tuesday (August 13) by providing couples with latte art that im...

Why One Shouldn't Celebrate Mawlid un Nabi || Prophet Muhammad (SAW)'s Birthday

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  • Author: DawahCallIslam


Bismillahir Rahmaan-ir Raheem ♢ Why One Shouldn't Celebrate Mawlid un Nabi || Prophet Muhammad (SAW)'s Birthday Do you love the Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi W...

Celebrate Christmas! Celebrate 50 Years! (2013)

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  • Author: Rogers Gardens


Visit Roger's Gardens as we embrace the holiday season and celebrate 50 years of magic. Stroll through the Gallery, as we delight you with 20 themed trees de...

Celebrate Your Struggles: Deidre Combs at TEDxBozeman

  • Length: 13:41
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  • Author: TEDx Talks


Deidre Combs provides an ancient cross-cultural technique — what it is, why it works and how to apply it -- to skillfully confront the modern challenges that...

ADHD Help: Celebrate ADHD Adventure into the ADD Brain

  • Length: 2:34
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  • Author: CelebrateADHD


Celebrate ADHD, the country's foremost provider of positive solutions to help children with ADD, explains why your kids have such a great need for order. Get...

Brazil: Costa Ricans celebrate World Cup Group D dominance

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  • Author: RuptlyTV


Video ID: 20140620-061 W/S Fans celebrating M/S Fans celebrating, chanting UPSOUND, (in Spanish), "It was possible, It was possible." M/S Fans celebrating W/...

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