CBS This Morning: Bill Belichick "Belichick's Brain"

  • Length: 6:31
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  • Author: Lauren Vance


CBS This Morning | CBS News | January 2012 The afternoon before Superbowl XLVI we sat down for 45 minutes (that's all we we're given to set-up and conduct in...

Canada: Bill C-10 Attacks Women's Rights

  • Length: 1:42
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  • Author: PSACprairies


Contact your Member of Parliament and Provincial Senators and demand that the Government remove the "Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act" from the Feder...

New Health Care Bill: Pros OR Cons

  • Length: 9:4
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  • View Count: 2004
  • Author: Josh Rubin


Visit us at Facebook Nutritional coaching

Bill Parcells - Hall of Fame 2013

  • Length: 26:2
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  • Author: TheInsideSports


Courtesy of ESPN/NFL Network: Bill Parcells, only coach to take four different teams to playoffs. HoF induction speech. Includes Super Bowl highlights.

Lock N Load with Bill Frady

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  • Author: Bill Frady


Today on the show: Executive Director of Gunowners of America, Larry Pratt followed by James Yeager of Tactical Response live at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Patient Experience

  • Length: 4:11
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  • Author: NMHChicago


The dudes set out on a totally awesome mission to make the patient experience most excellent!

Creative Drypoint

  • Length: 13:1
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  • Author: Bill Ritchie


Drypoint is a printmaking technique for making plates by scratching on metal or plastic. It requires no etching solutions or special preparations, therefore ...

The truth about the legal system: Bill Turner - Vinny Eastwood Show 3/12/10 3/6


What is the legal system really all about? Why don't lawyers have a clue? What is a birth certificate? What is the uncensored history of New Zealand? Bill Tu...

Fastpitch Softball Movement Pitches Part 3 - BIll Hillhouse


This week I bring you part the third and final part of a pitching clinic with Bill Hillhouse. is a great resource for fastpitch softb...

Mayor Bill de Blasio takes the reins at NYC's City Hall

  • Length: 2:53
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  • Author: CBS This Morning


New York City voters chose a Democrat for mayor for the first time in two decades. Jeff Pegues reports how Bill de Blasio will soon be a household name acros...

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