John Barrowman - You Raise Me Up

  • Length: 4:49
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  • Author: sandra3791


Edinburgh Playhouse 27/10/11.

John Barrowman DragonCon Kilt Story

  • Length: 1:11
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  • Author: Kate Acorn


John Barrowman's favorite "Kilt Story" from Saturday's "John Barrowman Live! An Hour With John Barrowman" panel at Dragon*Con. Spoiler Alert: It involves a k...

John Barrowman interview Paul O Grady Show Sept 25 2009 Part 2

  • Length: 7:44
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  • Author: ElementaryZingu


Second part of the interview plus a song from John.

John Barrowman 22/10/10 - Remember When Snippet

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  • Author: HolyFrell


John Barrowman's concert, Bournemouth, 22nd October 2010. One of the best nights of my life! Just a snippet of John singing "Remember When" as his parents jo...

John Barrowman NYCC 2013

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  • Author: Shads337


the things i do whoops crap quality fay gotta deal with it ugu.

John Barrowman singing downtown

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  • Author: westlife108


John Barrowman singing part of downtown at Brentwood on his 2011 tour.

Interview with Greg Barrowman- star of Stafford Gatehouse Theatre pantomime 2013


We chatted to actor Greg Barrowman who is staring in this year's Stafford Gatehouse Theatre pantomime about the show, his career so far, and his well-known c...

John Barrowman meets Hucking Harkness (March 30, 2007). Part 2/2

  • Length: 2:58
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  • Author: Vita L


BBC Evening Bulletin segment on John Barrowman meeting Hucking Harkness, the two-years-old racing colt named after John's Doctor Who and Torchwood character.

John Barrowman Concert at the Oasis swindon 31.10.11 13 John chatting to parents and YMCA

  • Length: 5:2
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  • Author: 321Madcow


John Chatted to his parents and his Dad was dressed as a sexy builder and his mum as a sexy police Woman. It was so funny to see them dressed like that and t...

John Barrowman discusses his TV career

  • Length: 5:5
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  • Author: sarahgorz


from John and Carole Barrowman's Hollow Earth book signing in Milwaukee You can hear everyone in the room scream at the mention of Doctor Who!

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