Powerstir Friction Stir Welding - PTG Holroyd Heavy Industries

  • Length: 1:56
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 2 people
  • View Count: 906
  • Author: PTGHolroyd


PTG Holroyd's friction stir welding machines offer an unparalleled capability in jointing traditionally difficult to weld alloys without the detrimental effe...

24 Hours of Daytona: The Dominion of Legends


A short film that will convince you to attend this legendary race at least once in your lifetime. "The Dominion of Legends" was filmed during the 50th Annive...

Valerie Copeland - Lo Maximo 2013 - Homeboy Industries

  • Length: 2:59
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 5 people
  • View Count: 143
  • Author: Homeboy Industries


Lo Maximo 2013 Awards Dinner and Gala. Valerie Copeland. Invocation and Prayer.

Wheelchair ramp lift. designed + fabricated by: Cripple Creek Industries

  • Length: 1:31
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 2 people
  • View Count: 321
  • Author: robie19


Using 2-150# linear actuators and 12V wireless remote power pack by Progressive Automations Inc. Actuators are hose clamped onto aluminium flat bar which is ...

Japan's industries in 1963. Obsolete by now. 日本の産業

  • Length: 8:12
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 108 people
  • View Count: 24442
  • Author: MichaelRogge


A bird's eye view of Japanese industries 48 years ago. Much of the labour force has now been taken over by robots. Its products are obsolete by now and the i...

EKarBo(Hi-Tech Project Industries - Tharangambadi).AVI

  • Length: 1:57
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 1 people
  • View Count: 437
  • Author: Bala Sundaram


The world first electric car with floating concept. Final Year Engineering Project for all.

Grass Widow - Disappearing Industries

  • Length: 2:36
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 22 people
  • View Count: 1731
  • Author: ThatsTooSmall


This song is too good to not be on the youtubes. Obviously it belongs to Grass Widow, blah blah blah. Just uploading to show friends.

Cooper Industries Overview

  • Length: 5:50
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 6 people
  • View Count: 2703
  • Author: Cooper Industries


Founded in 1833, the Cooper Industries has seven operating divisions - Cooper Bussmann, Cooper B-Line, Cooper Crouse-Hinds, Cooper Lighting, Cooper Power Sys...

The Go! Team - Patricia's Moving Picture

  • Length: 4:12
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 60 people
  • View Count: 5975
  • Author: Memphis Industries


Patricia's Moving Pictures by The Go! Team, taken from the album Proof Of Youth.

IMW Industries Corporate Video June 2013

  • Length: 4:23
  • Rating Average: 5.0 from 1 people
  • View Count: 752
  • Author: Amy Little


Established in 1912, IMW is a leading supplier of natural gas equipment for vehicle fuelling and industry. Our products include compressors, dispensers, stor...

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