Give Thanks to UNC Day 2013


On Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013, the Carolina community celebrated "Give Thanks to UNC Day," sponsored by the Heelraisers Student Giving Council. This event celebrated our appreciation for the ...

Professor Ibrahim believes the best gift you can give your students is yourself

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  • Author: uottawa


Professor Awad Ibrahim from the Faculty of Education believes the best gift you can give your students is yourself. Student Sherri Mohan and alum Kelsey Schmitz have clearly captured their...

How to Give and Get at the Same Time

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  • Author: Ahalya Kumaran


Sign up for email updates at for more inspiration and practical strategies to create the life and career you truly want! If you liked this video, comment, like,...

Tuba Skinny "Gotta Give Me Some" - French Quarter Fest 4/15/12 - MORE at DIGITALALEXA channel

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Tuba Skinny "Gotta Give Me Some" - French Quarter Fest 4/15/12 -for Bill Erika Lewis - vocals Todd Burdick- Tuba Shaye Cohn - Cornet Barnabus Jones - Trombone Robin Rapuzzi - Washboard...

Give the Gift of an Open Mind

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We need you. Throughout 2012, our work with libraries, veterans' hospitals, media makers, and others reached over a million people in communities throughout California, from the mountains...

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie read in Mandarin Chinese 要是你给老鼠吃饼干

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  • Author: Mary Chen


This is me reading this favorite children's book in Mandarin Chinese. This is a great book for beginning Chinese readers and anyone learning Chinese. Practice reading Chinese text of this...

Brother Andrew - Give It Up

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  • Author: Andrew Robinson


Andrew Robinson-Underwater Country Club-Give It Up Featuring Skip Robinson on Drums, Jack Zaferes on Bass A Song inspired by the wonderful music of Harry Nilsson.

A Mother's Wish - Moment IV - Give Me Moments

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A moment for a mother. (First commenter collaboration!) for free download: | |...

Why Give - Annual Gift, Life-Long Bond

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  • Author: Johns Hopkins


Having volunteered during all four of her undergrad years with the Girl Scouts, Elena Fedyszyn '09 describes why she also now chooses to give monetarily every year to Johns Hopkins.

Why I Give - Kathy and the Employee Giving Campaign

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  • Author: WSAheartvideos


Kathy Rogers, American Heart Association, Western States Affiliate Executive Vice President, shares the personal reasons why she gives to the annual employee giving campaign.

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