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Blog & Video Training.

@B3CONTRAST #BCBC | V.Blog 9 "City Lights" Acoustic

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  • Author: BContrast10


My boy Mike G (Guitar) came down from DC to visit and to help me set up my soon to be Recording Studio, while setting up we took a break and performed a quick City lights acoustic version.To...

How To Embed Video on Elite Marketing Pro blog

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  • Author: Doug DeMercurio


How To Embed Video on Elite Marketing Pro blog (for more details and free marketing and blogging tips) Learning how to embed video on a website is actually...

Week 3 video blog - Shakespeare's Hamlet MOOC

Tags: In the graveyard of Holy Trinity church on the banks of the River Avon, Professor Michael Dobson discusses ghosts, gr...

II Curso de comunicación de la ciencia. Blog "Scientia" (4/5)

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  • Author: UPM


II Curso de comunicación de la ciencia "Noticias, blogs y juegos de ciencia", organizado por la Unidad de Cultura Científica y de la Innovación (UCC+i) de la...

@B3CONTRAST #BCBC | V.Blog 13 "Slumdog millionaire" Analogy

  • Length: 4:55
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  • Author: BContrast10


NO COPYRIGHT OR LICENSE INFRINGEMENT, INTENDED FOR CREATIVE & PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. Instagram - Twitter - Facebook: @B3CONTRAST To Check out more V-blogs, Music or merch please visit www.B3CONTR...

(1) Gaccio et Jorion: les modèles de sortie de crise - Blog

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  • Author: La Parizienne


(1) LES MODÈLES DE SORTIE DE CRISE Le 20 décembre 2013 Bruno Gaccio et Paul Jorion se rencontrent au Select, bd du Montparnasse et discutent des modèles écon...

Universo Conectar: Alumnos no videntes crearon un blog propio

  • Length: 1:37
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  • Author: ansesgob


Con las nets de Conectar Igualdad, estudiantes de la Escuela Especial Nº 506 de Lanús, en la provincia de Buenos Aires: alumnos ciegos realizaron un blog en ...

Crear un blog primeros pasos para un correcto posicionamiento


En "Crear un blog, primeros pasos para un correcto posicionamiento" tratamos, junto a Alejandro Eguía, Andrés Tirado, Alejandro Rojas y Carlos Pizcos, de suministrar una serie de tips sobre...

China Blog #17: Beida Tour

  • Length: 14:34
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  • Author: BeijingFong


Finally you guys get a tour through the campus! Also this will probably be the final vlog I'm making in China.... as I will be leaving in 2 days. I might upl...

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