DQMW Dr Quinn gives birth

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  • Author: jessica lee


Having a water birth is increasingly common and popular. And with good reason it seems, because many women find that labouring in water can be immensely comf...

My Birth Story - Giving Birth After Preeclampsia (C Section)

  • Length: 14:57
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  • Author: Policosmetics82


I gave birth at Tokuda Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria. My doctor is Danail Iliev, I strongly recommend him and the hospital! I forgot to mention in the video th...

Where's the Birth Certificate? 1

  • Length: 13:27
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  • Author: jagologo


Jerome Corsi,Barack Obama,Long Form,U.S,Citizen,911,Inside Job,Alex Jones,Birth Certificate,Forged,Pakistan,Where's the Birth Certificate?

Fitzgerald Report, Carnegie, Rockerfeller, the AMA, and the birth of modern medicine.

  • Length: 6:11
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  • Author: AlloAlloVeraLynn


How heroic modern medicine became so dominant in the 20th century, and the corporate forces and vested interests that put it there. For more background read ...

Phoenix Arizona Midwife shares some secrets Have an unmedicated birth in a hospital

  • Length: 9:58
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  • Author: Karen Maschue


Want to know how to have an unmedicated, natural delivery at a hospital? Watch this short interview with Karen Maschue, Phoenix Arizona midwife with St. Raym...

creation theory: the birth and life of positron

  • Length: 9:56
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  • Author: Clint Johnson


This is a mostly metaphoric representation of a theory I have put into an anthropomorphic style narrative. I freed it from it's cage of scientific theory and...

"Applying for Your Child's Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) and First U.S. Passport"

  • Length: 3:51
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  • Author: usembassysjo


How Are the Four Swedish Birth Centers Different?

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  • Author: swedishseattle


Medical Director of the Family Childbirth Center at Swedish/Ballard, Dr. Dorcas McLennan, and Seattle OB/GYN, Dr. Judy Kimelman, discuss the differences betw...

Birth of the pre-game warm-up

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  • Author: Michell meowed


CASS ON THREE...1...2...3...CASS!

What is a Doula?: Natural Childbirth, Homebirth, Birth Coach #blissedin - BEXLIFE

  • Length: 9:12
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  • Author: Rebekah Borucki


FREE EASY MEDITATION TIPS: http://bexlife.com/signup ♥ SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS: http://bit.ly/SubBexLife ♥ CONNECT WITH LINDSEY: http://carriagehousebirth...

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