Premature Birth - 3.5 Months Early... 88 days later...

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  • Author: Mendy Pellin

Tags: The Miracle baby of a Chabad Rabbi Every parent to be looks forward to the birth of a healthy baby. Sadly, a premature birth can rob many...

Elysium Movie Connection Birth of Venus, Star of David connection to Sirius = Cosmic Rapture


Here is my blogpost: Elysium Movie Connection to Lion's GATE Portal=Birth of Venus, Star of David Cosmic Countdown connection to Sirius Star System = Humanit...

Q&A With the Cast of Switched at Birth

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  • Author: gabrielakimberlyg


The cast sign their deaf name.

Birth of Britain


Tony Robinson hosts the epic story of this country's birth from molten rock, volcanic explosions, ice and seismic upheaval. He travels Britain's spectacular ...

Puppy born with birth defect can now walk, run

  • Length: 3:46
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  • Author: foxnewstest


Rough start for plucky pup.

How Are the Four Swedish Birth Centers Different?

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  • Author: swedishseattle


Medical Director of the Family Childbirth Center at Swedish/Ballard, Dr. Dorcas McLennan, and Seattle OB/GYN, Dr. Judy Kimelman, discuss the differences betw...

Birthing Project USA - 2012 Safe Birth Kit Campaign

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Please join the Birthing Project USA in our efforts to help save women lives by preventing common forms of maternal death. The Birthing Project USA has joine...

Water Birth at Denver Health

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  • Author: Denver Health


This video explains the benefits and beauty of water birth at Denver Health, which was introduced in the Denver hospital setting in Summer 2013. Certified Nu...

Albinoni's Adagio - vocals by Chantal Fabrice


Albinoni's Adagio in G minor - vocals by Chantal Fabrice - recorded for Diana Cooper's World Angel Day in London in 2002.

Switched at Birth 1x28 Promo Sneak Peek 3

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Switched at Birth 1x28Sneak Peek Switched at Birth Season 1 Episode 28 Promo Switched at Birth S01E28 Promo Switched at Birth Switched at Birth Season 1, Epi...

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