Justin Bieber Ella es Segura (Confident)

  • Length: 3:44
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  • Author: Juan Elias Esteban


LAPD Arrests One Person In Justin Bieber's Home

  • Length: 3:2
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  • Author: NewsReport24


One person was arrested in Justin Bieber's home after Los Angeles law enforcement executed a felony search warrant early Tuesday morning, showing up to his C...

Shawn Mendes, Zoella, Nick Jonas and more discuss being handcuffed to Justin Bieber

  • Length: 2:42
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  • Author: Sugarscape


A bunch of celebs including Zoella, Rixton, Shawn Mendes, Scott Mills, Chris Stark and Nick Jonas play would you rather at the 2014 Radio 1 Teen Awards. More of this sort of thing at Sugarscape.com.

Kevin Smith on: Justin Bieber vs The Black Keys

  • Length: 3:45
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  • Author: RagingHughezy


The Black Keys are one of the best bands in the world. while Bieber is just some kid that other kids like... slap him.

LA LUCIERNAGA: Sebas y el concierto de Justin Bieber

  • Length: 2:58
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  • Author: enrique tovar


Justin Bieber Indianapolis M&G 10.07.2013 Believe Tour

  • Length: 4:47
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  • Author: nellyisBelieber


Justin Bieber - M&G Believe Tour in Indianapolis 10.07.2013. Lucky fans meet Justin Bieber in 'Meet & Greet' on the Believe Tour in Indianapolis. This video ...

100% Mag , Reportage sur Justin Bieber M6 13/02/2014


Suivez-nous sur twitter @CoproductionJustinB 100% Mag , Reportage sur Justin Bieber M6 13/02/2014.

Justin Bieber 3D Movie

  • Length: 0:17
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  • Author: BobandJoe1996


Justin Bieber 3D Movie Entry, Comes Out Valentines Day 2011...we did a wrong entry so our other video will come on later today if we can get it in on time.

Beliebers think Sayna deserves to meet Justin Bieber #BiebsMeetSayna

  • Length: 0:54
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  • Author: Sayna Bieberr


Read my full story here: http://twitlonger.com/show/jqohup - @justinbiebers via twitter (TWEET THIS TO THE CREW)I find this so uncomfortable asking. I know t...

Justin Bieber in Tengooseboxing Gym [Fighting]

  • Length: 1:14
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  • Author: WB1SoulSurfer1ASR


YouTube Channel: WB1SoulSurfer1ASR SUBSCRIBE Justin Bieber in Tengooseboxing Gym [Fighting] Justin Bieber in Tengooseboxing Gym [Fighting] Justin Bieber in Tengooseboxing Gym [Fighting] ...

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