Animals love golf balls


From Learn to play golf like a professional golfer with the 1 Step to Better Golf Series 4-book series. Books include 1 Step to Better Golf, 1 Step to Hitting...

Aboriginal Knowledge - Native Animals - Lake Eyre Basin


Aboriginal people of the Lake Eyre Basin have shared knowledge on Native Animals they used for survival and daily food source.


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Extinct species documentary by David Day, Author of Nevermore, A Book of Hours - Meditation on Extinction ( and Doomsday Book of...

CUTE: Zoo animals enjoy ice lollies to cool off from Brazil summer

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Subscribe here: Animals at Rio de Janeiro's Jardim Zoo are treated to ice-cream and frozen meats to cool off from soaring temperatures. Report by Sarah Kerr. Current...

Classes of Animals

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Two Cute Squirrels In The Wild - Weird Strange Funny Wildlife Animals [Short Version Video] Jazevox

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This video is a QUICK SHORT VERSION of the two wild squirrels with their weird, funny and cute behavior in the wild, caught on film! This is by far one of the cutest animal behavior I have...

Animals and Fair Housing

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Property owners must consider requests for reasonable accommodations for emotional support and other types of assistance animals under Fair Housing laws. Here's what to know.

San Diego Researchers Discuss Bringing Back Extinct Animals

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The fiction of Jurassic Park might be on the verge of reality. Scientists are talking about the possibility of bringing back extinct species.

classify animals

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class research project.

How to give your dog an allergy injection


Go to for more information on skin and ear problems in animals. This video shows two of our technicians demonstrating how to give a subcutaneous injection of...

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