Tourist - Dialogue Hotel - At The Reception Desk - Phrases #26 - Learn German with Martha


Dialogue: I have booked a room. Where can I park the car? ... Free download vocabulary lists: Similar lessons: Hotel -- ...

German Wehrmacht Military WWII Radio Receiver Kw.E.a after restoration part 2 - operation

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This is a highly sophisticated 11-tube super-heterodyne receiver designed for use in command centers and in large communication vehicles. At 90 lbs, it's a s...

Learn German: Kieron & Elaine at the Soccer World Cup (15.1) - Part 1 - Advanced German

  • Length: 8:10
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Web: FB: This is "Deutsch mit Julia - German with Julia" lesson...

Shaun Murphy v Joe O'Connor German Masters Qualifiers

  • Length: 102:38
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German Masters Qualifiers Shaun Murphy v Joe O'Connor Watch snooker live on our channel

Why German Labor Policies are Better than America's


Elisabeth Jacobs: German policies have given companies greater incentives to hire skilled workers and keep them, using innovative policies that give both wor...

Separable Prefixes - German 1 WS Explanation


In this video I talk about how to use the separable prefix verbs in German. This video is designed to go with the German with Puppets episode about separable...

What Is German? Heinrich Mann's "Man of Straw"


Mann wrote "Man of Straw" throughout 1913 and finished it a month before World War I. It is a portrait of the conformist mentality of the German lower middle...

Germany from above - Deutschland von oben (German subtitles) Part 2 Episode 2

  • Length: 44:0
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  • Author: Norashaf


The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive - Tekatai (German)


Name: Tekatai Year: 1992 Duration: 00:12:16 Language: German Abstract: After Ethiopian Jews were brought to Israel in Operation Solomon, 2000 Jews from North...

German Sign Language - Deutsche Gebärdensprache - numbers 1-100

  • Length: 2:31
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  • Author: SaBracaSam


German and English captions coming soon! GSL DGS.

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